Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Chance to Enter the September Yarn-Lover's Contest!

If you haven't already, there's only a couple of days left to enter the September Yarn- Lover's Contest, here at My Real Life Reviews.
Don't miss out on your chance to win all four great prizes!
You can read about and enter the contest here.
Good luck everyone.

And do stop by the first week in October to find out if you're the lucky winner! A new (yummy!!!) contest coming up then too. :<)


  1. Great contest, looking forward to seeing who is the winner.

    I love your review blog, so many of the items that you blog about are of interest to me, so I am happy we found each other.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  2. Me too know that I'm trying to knit Ineed all the help I can get...I know everybody loves Quebec and nobody will deliver to us...shame really we could learn so much, but too much controversy and people are uncomfortable with that and probably higher tax, we're doomed...lucky will be the winner

  3. Hi Jen, I'm happy we found each other's blogs too. I love Muddy Boot Dreams and Boo of course. :<)

    Hi Lorraine, That's so unfortunate about Quebec laws re: contests. Makes no sense to me either.

    For anyone still entering the contest, the 'comment approval' will come up as the contest post is over 2 weeks old. Rest assured, I will make sure all entries are approved and posted before the end of Sept. 30th.

    Happy Weekend, G


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