Saturday, September 1, 2012

MRLR September Yarn-Lover's Contest


Ah...September has arrived and my favorite season of the year is almost here: Autumn. :<)

And what better time of year to get back to all kinds of creative pursuits, including yarn crafts.

So for September, I've got a wonderful giveaway, especially for all the kniters, crocheters...and yarn-craft wannabes out there.

Here are the four prizes in this month's contest:

A copy of the designer knitting book: The Ohio Knitting Mills Knitting Book. You can read my full review of this fabulous book here.



Prize number two is a feline-fabulous Mr. Cheddar coffee mug created by artist: Teri Casper from Teri's Painted Daisies.

With the inscription: "Okay, Okay. so I dropped a stitch or two" and signed with Mr. Cheddar's name.
 I'm lovin' this one and of course, so is the Chedster, who is btw, Teri's fav furry feline nephew!!!
These one of a kind mugs are already available at Teri's Zazzle store.
You can order them with or without Mr. Cheddar's name on them (click for ordering details) whatever your preference.
I'm planning to order one soon and it will certainly include the Mr. Cheddar signature!!! ;<)
The third prize is a gift certificate from Knitting Warehouse for $ 25.
This is a company I love to order from that I also reviewed here. Excellent prices and service for all your yarn craft needs: yarns, books, accessories....
I'm so glad I found out about Knitting Warehouse. My first online stop, when I need another yarn-fix! And that's quite often actually. LOL
And to stash all your new yarn goodies in, prize number four is a totebag from
I like to have a separate tote for each of my current craft projects. I have one of these big, sturdy totes that I use for crafts and shopping too and I just love it.
One lucky winner will win all four prizes, valued at approximately $80!
To enter, leave a comment below including what your favorite yarn-craft is: knitting, crocheting,looming...

If you are a wannabe yarn-crafter at this point, pick the type of craft you are planning to pursue, if you do win the contest.
Contest is open to Canadian and US residents. Exception: void in Quebec (sorry about this) you can read why I've had to add this to my contests. Provincial laws in Quebec regarding contests are hard to understand but I'm not able to by-pass these restrictions.
Contest closes September 30th.
Stop by the first week in October to see if you are the winner.
And another great contest (and this one yummy too) is on the way! Starts the first week in October.
No anonymous comments please. If possible, please sign in with a Blogger, Google or other blog account.
Winner will have two weeks to claim their prize. If not claimed within two weeks, another winner will be chosen.
 Good luck everyone. :<)
 Happy Autumn and Happy Crafting! 


  1. Well I can hardly enter, me and my useless hands 'though wouldn't mind the coffee cups lol

  2. What fun prizes! I love knitting and have been at it for a little more than a year. Thanks for the chance!

  3. My favorite craft is knitting, but I also crochet and cross stitch. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    greyowl60 at yahoo dot com

  4. my all time favorite pasttime is knitting, and knitting some more, and then some more knitting! thanks for the great giveaway!

  5. Someone is going to win 4 great prizes. Good luck everyone.

  6. Your talents blow me away. You are great, Geraldine.

  7. Hi Lorraine, It's actually one coffee mug, I'm just showing both sides above. I can't imagine not knitting and crocheting actually. So relaxing!!!

    Hi Chelsea, It's a great hobby but it gets more addictive with each passing year it seems! In a good way though LOL.

    Hi Connie, Welcome and you are very welcome.

    Hi Joe, I totally agree.

    Hi SandyC, Aren't you nice. Thanks friend. I do have a lot of interests and hobbies including several kinds of yarn crafts. Do you knit or crochet Sandy?

    Happy Week and Good luck to all! G

  8. PS: Sorry Mim, missed your comment above. It's late, late here...I hear ya and I totally can relate. I just started knitting sock yarn weight socks lately and they are so much fun!

  9. love knitting, really calms me down.

  10. Things just aren't right at my house if I don't have wool to knit with. I knit afghans for homeless and battered women shelters. It's a win win. I love to knit, and the afghans are very appreciated. My two cats sometimes try to "lend me a paw" whilst knitting and watching TV. LOL

  11. I carry yarn with me to make scarves for the people in the inner city, while I wait or watch TV etc. We often have very cold, miserable winters here so anything I can do to help.....

  12. I receive signs from the Universe that Sammi is no more...and since I believe in Eternity, I do believe the signs and it hurts less knowing she's feeling absolutely wonderful, and I'll see her one day

  13. That is some amazing giveaway, for me it would be crochet. Starting to figure it out, it's not easy, but bit by bit.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  14. I am planning to pursue knitting.
    tis-so at hotmail dot com

    only possible as

  15. I love knitting and sewing. Would love to win!

  16. Hello! Found you over at Teri's blog. Just have to say the only yarn type craft I CAN do, is crochet, and in a very limited fashion. I am crocheting a rug from torn sheets right now. Thanks for the chance at your wonderful giveaway! I adore Teri's art, so must take a chance!!! :)

  17. you know I do like the hat and the cup and the tote, first winner gets the book and the hat, and the second winner, that is moi, I get the cup and the tote

  18. I like to crochet but my arthritic hands protest when I do. How does this work? What will we be crocheting/knitting/etc?

  19. Hi Arash, I know what you mean, so true.

    Hi Alyson, I can relate. Mr. Cheddar likes to help out too. LOL. But it's kind of fun to watch when he does.

    Hi LeP, That's such a worthy project, very kind of you.

    Hi Lorraine, I'm sorry about Sammi but I'm glad you are finding some peace about the whole experience. The winner gets all 4 prizes. See above re: Quebec though. :<(

    Hi Anonymous, Please see above re: anonymous entries. Thanks.

    Hi Jen, Yes, I really lucked out with some generous prizes being offered this month. Glad you liked the selection! :<) Crochet is great. And yes, we keep building those skills, don't we?

    Hi Riri, I love sewing too. Love most crafts actually. No favs.

    Hi Julie, Glad you could stop by. Yes, the mug is a wonderful prize, I agree. Such fun!

    Hi Jeanne, One winner wins all the prizes, first week in Oct, so stop by then. I'm sorry about the arthritis in your hands. No projects to worry about here though.

    good luck everyone and keep those entries coming!

    Happy Week, G :<)

  20. I have been cross stitchng for over 40 years and thought I could pick up a crochet hook with ease. (Oh sure) Still working hard at it, making shawls mostly.

  21. my fav is knitting!!!

  22. Actually it's all wrong for me lately I'm so tired I can barely make it to 3 pm and then I have to fight to sleep in past one....I don't need to relax I need to stimulate my brain....still all those 'handy' skills I simpy don't have, wish i did, but I don't

  23. Hi Mary Mac, Shawls are great, I love making them too, in knit and crochet. That's quite a record for cross-stitching, what a lovely hobby that is too.

    Hi Lorraine, LOL re: asssssets! I'm sorry about your tiredness. I know too well what no sleep feels like. About the yarn skills though, I'd have to disagree. They can definitely be learned and by anyone I think who has the desire to learn these skills. I've taught a lot of people over the years how to knit, crochet...etc, and we all started out not knowing how, for almost everything in life! I think you'd love knitting or crocheting L. It's fun, it's SO relaxing and it can cost practically nothing too. There, have a convinced you? ;<)

    Hi Julie, Knitting seems to be the popular choice so far but we've got over 3 weeks to go, for entries.

    Good luck everyone and Happy Crafting, G :<)

  24. I am a knitter, have been knitting just about 5 years now. I learned in my late 40s! And just have to tell you - Mr. Cheddar is very cute. Thanks for inviting me to your blog :)

  25.'s humiliating not to be able to knit a stupid scarf, without truning it in wool skirt, well half of it anyway, still it's jiggling in my over-full so much so that I called a psychic line i"m so all messed that I think I left a message tice to same psychic, I hope they don't charge me twice hahah lol I don't need to become a regular regular 'cause I don't care what happens to me anymore only to my cats, I left such a virulent text against God this morning that it was a slap in my face, I've had calls about sammi but none panned out, so this physic who was not available at the time is suppose to call me in one hour, well twice, 'cause I messed up something...anyhoo she's supposedly a great animal psychic can tell me everything about my missing Sammi even if she's alive or dead, God send me a sign but heaven i need to see her body or hear someone tell me something I can believe, and I'm a tough cookie, and yet I'd pay hundreds (but it's only 40$ bucks) for an hour of half an hour so maybe I'll swtich psychos I mean psychics half way through...She better call back of course at the end they said if the credit card is a fake I'll be in a lot of trouble well sue me you psycho, I told them upfront I don't have a credit card I have a debit card with a Visa on it ,apparently the bank said it would allow purchase online, Amazon accepted it, so try to sue me youll my very psycho side lately. I'm babbling on, and of course taking the phone every where with me...once this crisis is over and I know for sure ...then I'll start looking to move and appeal to people's generosity...I'm I'm oh so confused, thanks for letting me blab on, I have so much to learn from you x

  26. I'd really like to get better at knitting

    khbride at yahoo dot com

  27. Hi Sandy, Glad you could stop by. Mr. Cheddar returns the compliment to your darling kitty! So cute.

    Hi Lorraine, As I said before, I think knitting might be a great hobby for you to take up. It's so meditative and relaxing. And no big outlay of cash required. I know when I'm super-stressed picking up the needles calms me down so much. I hope I have helped you in some ways, I really do. Take care.

    Hi Mujercita, Welcome and thanks for stopping by to enter!

    Hi Krystal, I'm split down the middle, I love knitting and crochet about the same. But there are more knitting patterns, aren't there? ;<)

    Hi KH, The more you knit the better you get!

    Good luck everyone and see you in early Oct. when a new contest will be announced and the winner will be chosen.

    Happy Week, G :<)


  28. Hello, I have been knitting since I was little, my grandmother taught me how to knit. I love it. I am also trying my hand at crocheting. With 2 new babies coming in nov and dec. either a new great niece or great nephew, I am knitting for them as well. Always looking for new patterns to try ;-)

  29. Great Prizes! I love knitting too and that mug is awesome!

  30. Ohhh!! Thank you for this giveaway!! I am a crocheter and sell my items in my shop on etsy!!! GIP Creations. I would loveeee the $25 gift card as well as the rest of the prizes :) Knitting Warehouse is my Favorite place to shop online for all my crocheting needs!

  31. Hmm, just so there is no conflict with me winning, I will enter my daughter's name, Rosemary, as she is a wonderful knitter.

  32. ACtually you're right and I did and the colour is amazing it's all kinds of pastel and it's s lovely, I try to remember how to do it, and well, I decided not care, it feels good in my hand, so whatever the outcome eventualy something will happen, and those beginners video, please, these quick fingers and turning it clockwise drives me nuts it's tooo quick, I guess they don't know what BEGINNING me, it means step by step slowly not turn this around your finger thango throught the underneath of the thumb counterclockwise...I'm ashamed after I finished trying and not being quick now I let out a nasty ' of fudge you' ok it wasn't fudge but this is a family blog!

  33. you should read Barbara Delinsky she has a delightful shop of yarns and they're all so real, the colours the feeling, what she's doing around a heartbreaking story of you, this is where goes when she needs clarity of mind and peace two of her latest talked about that Store 'Not my Daughter' and especially on 'Family Tree' the fictional store is called the Stichery and they mention the new box and how excited they are : New colors from Manos, textures fromm Filatura di Crosa, blends from Debbie Bliss and Berroco, blend of cashmere and wool the skeins included the golds, oranges, deep rusts and dark browns....oh and I could go on and on it sounds so delicious that's why I'm starting again even, if it's a big mess, it takes my mind to a semi-peacefull place where I'm not torn apart by Sammi leaving...and I oh it all to always you find something to heal my too-many-times-broken-heart, but this the first time I've lost one of my cats, they have been with me, only them for the past 8 years, and I feel like I lost a daughter...I love her so and thank you you and firebird and Brian give me comfort that no one else does

  34. What a fantastic giveaway! I love both crochet and knitting. It depends on the day and how lazy I'm feeling on which is my favorite. Crochet is much easier for me :)

    1. My email - if you need it, which I hope you do! - is dmarie824 at aol dot com. Thanks!

  35. Hi Tiny Beach Girl, What a great opportunity to knit and crochet some of those adorable baby patterns that are available! If you stop by my cooking and craft blog : (also link in sidebar here)and search for "baby hats" you'll find a long list of patterns that I posted a while back. Have fun!

    Hi GardenSunshine, Love your happy blog name and good luck!

    Hi Carmen, Isn't Knitting Warehouse a great online shop? I love it too! Excellent prices and selection.

    Hi Teri, I'm sure Rosemary will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And thanks again for providing the Cheddar mug, it's a wonderful prize!

    Hi Lorraine, I left a comment over at your blog today, hope it helps too. You are in my thoughts and I send more good wishes your way, every day. Take care ok friend.

    Hi Denisel, I think crochet is easier too but I love knitting and crochet about the same. As for winning, stop by the first week in Oct. and see if you have! Another contest coming up then too.

    Happy Mid-Week and Good Luck to Everyone, G :<)

  36. My favorite needle craft is crochet but I also knit and cross stitch. I have been doing all three for many years and have taught myself. I am actually going to be making christmas presents this year since I am out of work and have a lot of leftover yarn. I really would love the gift card so I hope I win. Thank you for this wonderful contest.

  37. My favorite craft sewing craft is cross stitch-- it's almost like painting a canvas. But I love crochet designs and other crafts, too.

  38. I hope this isn't a duplicate post! I love cross-stitch the best; it's almost like painting a canvas. But I love knitting and crochet designs, too.

  39. Crochet is my favorite yarn craft and this Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons. what could be better crafts and crisp air.

  40. Hi Elizabeth, the best kinds of gifts are handmade. I'm sure you'll make a lot of people happy with the ones you create.

    Hi Elephant, Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Christy, Cross-stitch is so pretty, love the look of it but not something I've done much of, over the years. Nice to find out you're a crafter too!

    Hi Eugenia, I couldn't agree more. Definitely tis the crafting season!

    Happy Week and Good Luck to Everyone, G :<)

  41. my fav of all time is crochet with thread.... my mom taught me to crochet... she is right handed and i am left handed... it was hard at first and then we figured out we had to finish a row each.... now it is hard to crochet with yarn it seems so thick... i did try knitting but im HOOKED on thread... the thinner the better!!!

  42. I am a knitter and a crocheter and LOVE both. I have been doing crocheting for 30 years now and knitting for 27 years. I give private lessons in both and sell my work locally. You might say I have a steady amount of daily fiber! Thanks for the chance to win your lovely prizes. How fun!!!

  43. Hi Miss Pie, So nice to see you again at a couple of my blogs. Working with yarn that thin would take a lot of patience. I hope you'll share some of your projects online sometime, I'd love to see them!

    Hi Danette, LOL re the fiber, I try for both kinds too!!!

    Good luck to everyone and stay tuned for the winner's announcement next week.

    Happy Weekend, G

  44. I love knitting! I have been working on Sashay scarves for the holidays!


    JennHodgkiss at gmail dot com

  45. My favourite is crocheting. I'm all thumbs when it comes to knitting. Thanks.


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