Friday, October 12, 2012

One Skein by Leigh Radford

I've been knitting up a storm lately!
I'm also gravitating toward smaller projects like: socks, slippers, mittens, gloves....recently, as opposed to my usual choices of sweaters, shawls and throws. It's a lot of fun to complete a project in only a couple of days as opposed to (sometimes) the weeks required for larger projects.
One of the books I've been using for smaller knitting projects is: One Skein by Leigh Radford. 
Unlike many of the "one skein" smaller project books available that feature endless variations of scarves and baby hats....this book is filled with a 30 diverse and beautiful quick to knit and crochet projects, with something for everyone.
I just finished the Cabled Footies in this book and they turned out great, you can read more about that pattern/project here.  
Some of the other patterns in this book include:
-Unisex gloves (next on my list, will be my first attempt at "real" gloves) ;<)
-Tank top (this is so nice, with a unique pattern design)
-Candy wrapper sachets (would make great stocking stuffers)
-Baby Bolero (with a lovely "luck"motif added to the back of garment)
-Bath mitt and puffy (this set looks like a fun project)
There is also a section that includes patterns to use up combined, smaller quantities of stash yarns. And a detailed instruction section for all the basics at the back of the book, including the Kitchener Stitch. I appreciate that as it's something I still need instructions to refer to, when completing toes on socks!
This book is currently on sale at Amazon for less than $14. so it's a great time to buy one for yourself and perhaps for gifting too. I'm sure it would be a welcome gift for any knitter or crocheter on your list. While you're at Amazon, make sure to click inside the book to see some of the great patterns and gorgeous photos included and the complete index and table of contents too.
Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5.
Updated rating as of Oct. 16/12: Good. 3 out of 5 (see comment below)


  1. WOW the day I can knit 6 rows the same length I may just buy the book ;)

  2. This looks like a good book. You find such interesting books, Geraldine!
    I do like you cheerful footies. As well, I am in awe of your knitting abilities.

  3. Those booties look so cute and warm too!

  4. Hi Lorraine, You make me laugh my dear friend, thank you! I KNOW you could knit but ya gotta give it a good try.

    Hi Brenda, It is a wonderful book Brenda and so visually beautiful too. would also make a great gift for any knitter. Oh I love that re: the knitting abilities. I'm really trying to stretch those lately. ;<)

    Hi Rumpy, The weather is cooling down here considerably, I think it's time to break out the warm woolies!

    Happy Weekend, G :<)

  5. PS: I downgraded the rating for this book as I've found a couple of errors in patterns already and the diagrams at the back of the book leave a lot to be desired. Still love the patterns though!

  6. nice...i like your footies....a nice bright golden color....


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