Friday, February 15, 2013

Giovanni Hydrate Body Lotion (Cassifluer White Tea)

Right about now, I think most people are in need of some serious skin care moisturizing options. For me, it's my hands in particular that get dry and rough, this time of year.
I recently tried Giovanni Hydrate Body Lotion (Cassifluer White Tea) and I loved it right from the start!
 As my regular readers already know, I'm not usually a fan of fragranced products of any kind. But I received this lotion as a gift and given the light, pleasant scent I noted immediately I decided to give it a try; instead of regifting as I often do, when I receive any kinds of scented products.
I'm so glad I kept this one! ;<)
-This product does a great job of really hydrating the skin without it feeling greasy or oily.
-The lotion absorbs well into the skin. Very soothing.
-I note that even after repeated handwashings throughout the day, my hands still feel and look softer, after using this product. 
-As I've mentioned above, the white tea fragrance is lovely. Light and pleasant.
-An ingredient list that's far superior to most moisterizing lotions on the market and, includes several organic botanicals and essential oils and not a long list of questionable chemicals that is unfortunately, so often the case with these types of products.
Click through for additional information about this lotion from the Giovanni site.
This lotion also comes in a variety of other fragrances that sound amazing.
 Click here to check out all of them (I can't decide what to try next!)  and to browse Giovanni's complete product line, which is extensive.
I also previously reviewed Giovanni's (amazing) hair gel (click to read the full review).
I still think this is the best hair gel on the market. And again, with an ingredient list that is a lot better than other leading hair gels, including natural and (by a mile!) for the mainstream brands.
If you are need of a little pampering right about now as Februrary oh so slowly moves along (sigh...) you might want to try a bottle (and what a pretty bottle it is, love the shape) of Giovanni Hydrate Body Lotion.
Would make a great gift too, on it's own or to add to a spa/gift/shower/Mother's Day basket. And who doesn't appreciate a thoughtful and pampering little gift ? :<)
Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.


  1. that's sounds wonderful maybe eventually I'll get it I have a bigger problem with burning up, darn menopause, I don't have hot flashes, I'm burning alive, even with all the heat turned off I'm boiling, and of course I don't want too make my cats sick, do you know of anything do you recommend anything for major hot flashes, 'cause I don't know what to do anymore,yesterday I put on a fan right in my face, new little Sam, didn't know what to do, she always sleeps with me she doesn't know the others and she keeps on trying to find a place without a fan, but I'm too hot I try to cover herup but just like Sammi she doesn't like it, only Kimmi likes that, anyhoo do you have a post about it or do you have any advise that is if you're also going through hot flashes and menopause...

  2. Excellent review. I know from you using this that the fragrance is very nice. And it is a cool shape for a bottle, I agree. Makes your skin soft too. Looks like a good lotion to use.

  3. Dr prescriped some HRT which I know is not recommended anymore unless a special case, I'm special all right, I'm burning and would love to lie on my snowy balcony naked, If I weren't such an introvert, I have turned off the temp. I have fans on, but my cats are cold so I've closed the windows turn on the and hope to hell that thse hrt medication work and work quickly, it's nice that Joe thinks you smell nice and are soft lol

  4. I love their products...and you know I LOVE their hair gel...


  5. Hi Lorraine, This is a lovely, soothing lotion. I think you'd like it.

    As for your "hot" issues, I did mention checking out Swiss brand products:

    I don't take drugs of any kind so I certainly can't comment on those choices. Hope you find the right solution for yourself. It's a common problem if that makes you feel better!

    Hi Joe, I don't like very many body/hand lotions but this one is a keeper! Glad you noticed the difference. ;<)

    Hi Jen, Yes, their hair gel is THE best, love it! And this lotion is wonderful too. I can't wait to try more of the fragrances it's available in.

    Happy Weekend, G :<)


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