Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My New Blog Announcement

I have a new blog!
Woven Dreams Prompts is a creative prompt blog that welcomes participants each week (new prompts up on Sunday) to share their creative interpretations in whatever form they choose for that particular week:
poems, prose, photos, sketches, quotes...
Read more about Woven Dreams here.
Hope you'll come and join us soon.
Happy Week! :<)


  1. Thank you for visiting me!
    I've been browsing through your lovely blog and glad to see you are a knitter and I liked those fingerless gloves.
    Like to read about Mr Cheddar too and to read the things you recommend.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. thanks for the hit on the burger...will try to work that in this week sometime...ha.....

  3. Hi Maggie, I enjoyed your blog too. Mr. Cheddar writes all feline related reviews, you can check out his work under Cat Products/Mr. Cheddar reviews on the right sidebar. Yes, I love to knit and crochet too, I feel lost without a project on the go that's made with yarn. ;<)

    Hi Brian, I thought that was a story you might want to pursue. The video about the deceased creator of this biz was something to watch too. 500+ lbs. I guess he liked his restaurant's fare, a LOT. I'm looking forward to your spin on this.

    Happy Wednesday, G

  4. Such a good idea...I love prompts...it's interesting to see what everyone comes up with.


  5. This is a great new blog,it's off to a good start. Having all different ways for people to participate even if they don't write poetry, is a unique idea.

  6. i wish you and Joe and Mr. Ched a very Happy Valentine's Day xxx and where did my previous message go???? not relevant as I am participating lol

  7. Hi Jen, I agree. For me the best part of prompt blogs is visiting other participant's blogs and enjoying their interpretations of a given word or phrase prompt. I hope you'll join us Jen, to share some of your gorgeous photos. :<)

    Hi Joe, Yes, definitely off to a good start. I'm hearing a lot of positive feedback and opening the prompts to all kinds of genres seems to be well-received too. I'm excited about my new "baby". ;<)

    Hi Lorraine, That's so nice Lorraine, thanks so much and all back to you my dear friend. I don't know where your other comment went. Blogger....'nough said! I don't even try to figure out all the quirks anymore.

    Happy Valentine's Day, G


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