Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Popular Nutritional Bars: A Hexane Watch List!


I recently found this extensive list of popular nutritional bars that includes information about the soy ingredients used in many of them and those that are derived using a: hexane vs hexane-free process.
And there goes another convenience/snack food that I enjoyed, off my list: Cliff Bars.
I was surprised and disappointed to see that this company (likely) uses hexane derived soy in it's snack bars. :<(
I'm going to find the time to make my own nutritional/snack bars from now on. I don't want to eat foods that have even traces/residues of hexane (click to read an in-depth report about the dangers of hexane) in them. More and more, it seems that "from scratch" is the only way to insure this isn't the case.
On a more positive note, here's a post from my cooking blog with several options for easy homemade snack bar recipes you might want to try. Plenty more recipes online too.
Fast and easy to make, healthier, taste so much better and fresher. And cheaper too!
All win-wins! :<)


  1. I read the report I would have said Oh Crap, except that my health food Store carries only organic and nothing but, still I'll be on the lookout, what would we do without you! Thanks dear G.

  2. Can't believe how they are greenwashing everything....sigh.

    Homemade all the way.


  3. Excellent report. Too bad we need to be so careful when it comes to what's actually in them. We can't take companies at their word, unfortunately. Buyer beware.

  4. Totally agree with you Joe, Money is what counts now and I see it in all aspects of life even granting apt buildings owners priviledge non taxable rent money, Ican't claim my apt, I've never heard of this before and everywhere I go it's the same thing, everything rises,everything cheap as expensive as the best but you can't tell anymorehwat is what that Is why this blogis so important...Iwish more people were aware, not only of what they eat, but the tremendous damage done to people in the name of money. it sickens me.

  5. Hi Lorraine, That's encouraging to read about your health food store. I'm a BIG fan of organic, have been for a long time, before it became so mainstream too. And yes, too bad so much revolves around the almighty $$$. Yes, money is important but in the big picture, not so much. I still think integrity and honesty count and win out, in the long run. At least with the Internet, there's no place for less than scrupulous companies to hide, IF people do their homework and stay informed.

    Hi Jen, It's an eye opener, that's for sure. But I'm resigned to making as much as I can from scratch from now on. Takes time but it's worth it. I'm going to work in batches on things when I can like protein bars. Make a bunch and freeze them...stuff like that. It is doable and it's a lot cheaper and better tasting too.

    Hi Joe, It is too bad but at least the Internet helps. I'm glad I'm part of helping to keep people informed. My stats keep going up each month, that's very encouraging in this respect. I hope my reviews and posts here help a lot of people.

    Happy Thursday, G :<)

  6. Excellent report. Thanks for always keeping us informed on these things :) happy Thursday

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