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Simax Glass Bake/Storage Ware (and Pyrex Update)

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As some of my regular readers will remember, I previously wrote this review/post about my recent BAD experience with a Pyrex glass container that "exploded" on impact, when I dropped it a short distance, onto a kitchen counter.
Since that upsetting and potentially dangerous experience, I've been doing a lot of reading online about various glass bake ware options and also about the different types of glass used in popular kitchen glass bake ware that is available. You can read more about  borosilicate glass vs soda lime glass here.
I recently found out about Simax glass bake ware that is made from borosilicate glass, not the soda lime glass that is now used in Pyrex and also Anchor Hocking products, another popular glassware product line.

I decided to recreate a similar experiment to what happened the day I dropped the Pyrex storage container.
I dropped the Simax storage container (seen below) from approximately the same height (about 8-10") as I had dropped the Pyrex container previously (this time wearing safety goggles, just in case).
First drop:
I tried again, second time:
 nothing, nada...
The Simax container came through with flying colors! :<)
It just bounced slightly and landed on the counter completely intact, as seen here:

Unlike what I was left with, after dropping this similar sized Pyrex container, once:

Here are just s a few of the larger glass shards that I saved from that experiment.
The whole kitchen counter, floor and carpet in the room adjacent where covered with tiny, sharp glass shards that we were finding even a week later, embedded in the carpet fibers, under heat registers etc... A REAL MESS!

On the plus side, this experience with Pyrex has inadvertently been an education in itself.
 I've also been reading extensively online about many, many bad (and most a lot worse than mine) experiences reported by angry (and usually long-time)Pyrex users have had. Some lawsuits reported too, I'm not surprised.
It also led me to try a viable alternative for glass bake/storage ware: Simax Glass and as someone who uses glass in the kitchen whenever possible, that's been a real plus!
Here's just a small sampling of Simax's gorgeous bake ware/ glass products:



Isn't this beautiful? I want this teapot!


Simax Glass (Technical Information) from their website:

"By its chemical composition and properties Simax glass ranks among the types of glass of the group of clear „hard“ borosilicate glass „3.3“, which excel in a high heat and chemical resistance and which are defined by international ČSN ISO 3585 Standard. It complies to the full with the properties prescribed by these standards.
A wide range of technical and laboratory glass products, industrial equipment and household boiling glassware is made of SIMAX glass. Thanks to their properties and a high use value these products have become much-sought-for in many countries all over the world.
Owing to its properties SIMAX glass is utilized there, where the highest demands are made on the products with regard to the heat and chemical resistance and neutrality in relation to substances or preparations, which may be in contact with them. i. e. in chemistry, petrochemical, food and power energy industries, metallurgy, medicine, microbiology, pharmacy, machinery and laboratories,
Products made of SIMAX glass mass are smooth and imporous, perfectly transparent, indifferent to catalysts, corrosion resistant even in a heavy duty operation of up to 300 degrees Centigrade without a sudden temperature variation.
SIMAX glass is very much environmentally-friendly and in terms of environmental protection it is absolutely faultless."

Simax is available from these online retailers:
I'm looking forward to trying more of Kavelier Glass/ Simax's bake, serving,storage...products, in the future. I'll keep you posted with my results.
So far, I'm impressed, not only by their beautiful and durable products but also their outstanding customer service team. They have been most helpful in answering all of my questions, promptly and completely. And that counts for a lot too!
Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5. 


  1. Excellent review and report. Time to throw away the Pyrex. Simax is definitely a good alternative and superior product.

    1. I haven't thrown away the Pyrex yet but it will be recycled when we move. And yes, Simax is definitely a good alternative. That experiment made me feel good about using their products. And what a range of products they have, impressive! So much nicer to look at than Pyrex too. Did I mention I want that teapot!!! ;<)

  2. That's fantastic G., you're helping so many people avert disaster, fantastic review, as always you're the TOPS

    1. I really hope all my reviews are informative and helpful and in this case, I agree it just might avert a disaster for someone else. If you Google "exploding Pyrex" you'll read some horror stories that are very upsetting. And it's not an isolated incident or two, I've read hundreds myself, already.

  3. I never had a Pyrex vessel break but I guess there's always a first time. I'll look out for the Simax next time I need to buy glass cookware.

    1. I never even used the Pyrex container I wrote about for warming foods or cooking in them, only storage. In spite of that, this container literally exploded when I dropped it on the kitchen counter. It still upsets me, just thinking about what might have happened, to me or to Ched who was close by.

      I think you'll love Simax products Val!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping in OE. I love visiting your blog too!

  5. I love that you followed up the review with a alternative to Pyrex. Thanks for being brave enough to do the test.

    Going to look out for it.


    1. Hi Jen, I did feel kind of brave doing the experiment LOL but no need, Simax came through without a scratch. As I remember the OLD Pyrex use to usually, when dropped. Simax is only available online right now, from Canada but lots of choices for this. Links above. Really superior products and such nice 'Euro" styling to many of the pieces too.

  6. healthy food and healthy utensils ..

    1. Nice to see you again Ruchi. Yes, I think glass bake/storage ware is much healthier than some of the alternatives. I'm trying to phase out all the plastic storage containers I have etc...it's so worth it to buy quality products that last too.

  7. I'm glad you weren't injured, Geraldine, by that first experience! I have a glass casserole dish that I absolutely love...and it's Anchor Hocking (hope I spelled that right) but I think I'll be replacing that now!

    1. Hi Talon, I'm glad I wasn't injured either but a lot of people have been. The reports that come to mind are those of people taking a hot casserole out of the oven and having it explode in their hands or just after they put it on a pad on the counter. I read that type of experience several times online. How would that be for a frightening experience? In my case, I wasn't prepared for the way the Pyrex container exploded into so many tiny glass shards but at least I knew to expect something to happen, when I dropped the container. Luckily, nothing happened at all with the Simax one, even after 2 drops. :<)

      Re: Anchor Hocking, I did write to them as well and was told that all their glass bakeware is made with soda lime glass as is also the case with Pyrex. AH stand behind their products and safety but they are off my list too, after what I've experienced and read again and again.

      I'm glad to have found a viable alternative. Hopefully Simax will be available on a wider retail scale in US and Canada soon, in addition to ordering options online. :<)

  8. WHERE is simax glassware made?

    1. Made in the Czech Republic with distribution to many countries including the US. Several online ordering options as listed above too. :<)


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