Saturday, December 14, 2013

First Sight by Danielle Steel

I was a fan of Danielle Steel's novels, about 20 years ago.
A good friend of mine at the time, got me "hooked" on her books and I read more than 20 of them during the next few years. But for reasons unknown, I gradually stopped reading her new releases and moved on to other authors.

I noted the book cover for First Sight by Danielle Steel a novel published this past summer, while I was doing a recent browse at the Kindle store and thought I'd give this author another try.
I'm a sucker for great book covers (aren't we all) and this one certainly is. 
And I was curious to see if I would enjoy one of this author's more recent books, as much as I had her earlier novels.

So, I got a copy from our local library and settled in for what I hoped would be a satisfying escape from the dreary grey afternoon that we had that day.
Well, as they say: you can't always tell a book by it's cover.
And in this case, it was all downhill after turning that first page.

Wow, what's happened to Danielle Steel's writing?
I got as far as Chapter 2 and that was it for me.

I remember her books from years ago as: easy, entertaining stories with believable characters, often exotic settings and travel. And with dialogue and narration that flowed smoothly.
This story was, in a word:

Oh (spare me!!!) the details, repeated over and over and over....

Yes, I got it (the first time):
-the protaganist: Timmie is a good but not flashy dresser.
-yes, Timmie is a good employer and her staff love her.
And yes...
- Timmie has had a series of bad relationships with toy-boys hanging on to her coattails for whatever they can get.
And stop talking incessantly about wearing a real fur jacket and carrying an alligator handbag Ms. Steel. It's no longer considered to be in good taste or chic and by a lot of people, to be wearing animals; haven't you heard?

Boring, pretentious and just plain bad.

Now, I HAVE read my last Danielle Steel novel, that I am sure of.
And yes, I'm so glad it was a copy from the library. 
Overall rating for this book: BAD. 0 out of 5


  1. Something else we have in common. I've never read even one of her books....I've tried. But the repetition turned me off right away. It's insulting to our intellect! lol good review!

    1. Diane, I did enjoy her earlier novels and yes, they also had a lot of detail but now, it's just ridiculous.

      As you say, it IS a insult to our intellect. That was mentioned over at Amazon too, a LOT of 1 and 2 star reviews for this book. It's a stinker with a great cover. ;<)

  2. I haven't read anything of her's for decades either, and frankly the last one I read was so trite, that I made "a pact with myself, a promise that I would keep forever..." sigh, snort, never to waste my time again reading her books. I have no idea why on earth she is still a best seller when there are so many more talented writers out there. Obviously she has a good agent, and a even better crowd of followers.


    1. Even the big-name authors have to keep producing quality work, even more so now, with the amazing indie books that are available at Amazon and elsewhere. It's definitely a totally different world in publishing these days and readers are the ones making the choices now! That IMO is a very good thing. I hear you Jen, re: ditching Danielle, I'm there too now.

  3. Sounds like a stinker. Too bad this author has gone downhill so badly. And I don't like when author's talk about wearing animals either. A big turn off.

    1. That's the word; STINKER and for so many reasons. I was amazed really, how bad this story was. Too bad for her long time readers, to see the writing going downhill like this. :<(

  4. unfortunately i stopped reading her books a long time ago even when I wasn't that sick, i grew bored almost I sent you an e-mail, read it, please

    1. Boring and then some, I totally agree.

      Reply on the way to you my friend. :<)

    2. Never got it, but I'm sure you saw the review...cheque's on the way :)

    3. That's very strange about all these recent emails you didn't receive. I replied to the emails you had sent me for all of them. :<(

  5. I used to read Danielle Steele all the time years ago
    Haven't read one in so long, might have to try her out again

    1. Maybe give this one a miss though. ;<)

  6. Sounds like an awful book ... I've heard of Danielle Steele but never read her books. The repetition and using animal fur and bags ... a big turnoff. Good review, Geraldine. Merry Christmas! :)


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