Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back to Blogging. The Catch-up Continues!!!

I am finally back online with a new computer and Windows 8 to learn!

Not to mention a gazillion emails and other things to catch up with, including several reviews I have pending.

Mr. Cheddar is working on some new reviews too! 
He wanted me to mention that. ;-)

The Windows 8 part is turning out to be quite a challenge.

If you haven't "upgraded" from Windows 7 yet, my advice is not to until you absolutely have to. 

This new version of Windows leaves a lot to be desired. I now understand why so many people are complaining about Windows 8 online. I have yet to read any favorable comments about it. 

One plus about being offline for a while, I got to catch up with a lot of the books/ebooks I had on hand. Several of those, I plan to review here in the next few weeks. Some were very good, some stinkers! ;-)

I also have a couple of new posts over at:


that you might enjoy reading in the meantime.

I'll also be around to visit all my fav blogs as soon as I can.

Happy Weekend to All! :-)


  1. Yea, windows 8 is tricky, but the more I get used to it the better

    1. I'm still not convinced that Windows 8 is worth the effort. So much new to learn and I already have too much to do online every day. I did get a couple of Kindle guides for it yesterday and will work through these on the weekend. After that, who knows, might end up going back to 7 if I can. I know why so many people are bitching about Windows 8 now though! Quite the learning curve and does it really make working on your computer better? If it doesn't, why bother?

  2. What a cute picture of your cat! We just switched to Windows 8 and still learning about it. I think it's better than 7 with more options available. I did hear some criticism, but haven't experienced any problems. Also, there is a new version in the works that might be even better. Enjoy catching up on your reading! Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving lovely comments :)

  3. Tell me about it no sooner had I transferred my photos that it warned me that the laptop was going to crash in 3 minutes, which it did,lost the photos, the left me a few....and somehow they don't allow firefox to work right and Ihate wi 8

    1. Whoops...that's quite a warning to come up. I haven't seen anything like that myself, thank goodness.

      I did finally figure out how to put my photos into the Pictures app and it's working fine. Again, a lot to learn and if it's not an improvement overall, I don't see why they make these changes.

      As one blog pal said over at Veggies...why hide things like the shut down button! Makes no sense.

      Happy Weekend to All, G

  4. He is a cutie, I agree Loredana. Good to hear something positive about Windows 8, maybe I'll still learn to like it after all. ;-) Right now, I just want 7 back!

    Your poems are lovely, it's always a treat to stop by your blog.

  5. So a new computer, how does Mr. Cheddar feel about that? Advice taken, will abstain from W8 for as long as I can.


    1. Mr. Cheddar has no opinion on the new computer but he is anxiously awaiting the arrival of a NEW MOUSE that's coming in the mail, to go with it. ;-) I'm sure Boo can relate to this.

      The "fog" is lifting a bit re: Windows 8 but I still don't like it and don't think the "improvements" they made are that at all. Hiding things you use all the time to make a desktop look cleaner makes no sense. Especially when the desktop is filled with apps. I don't want and haven't chosen myself, on start up. Yes, they can be deleted but it's just more time wasted doing this. Stick with 7 Jen, as long as you can!


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