Thursday, March 6, 2014

A New Direction for My Real Life Reviews

As any of my regular readers have probably guessed by now, I LOVE to write product and book reviews. I've been writing reviews here, at my other blogs and at Amazon for many years now.

When it comes to my reviews at Amazon, I find myself spending more and more time writing reviews there and not so much here at My Real Life Reviews

For the most part, my recent reviews over at Amazon are shorter than most of the ones I've written here in the past, but hopefully still helpful and interesting. I know that I don't usually read really long reviews (or posts for that matter) anywhere, so why write long reviews myself? ;-)

I am now on the Top Reviewers list at Amazon, hovering around 2000! It's a  long way from where I started over there, with a rank at the beginning of around 15,000,000 for reviewers. 

I would like to reach the Top 1000 reviewers rank or less, eventually as I really do enjoy my time at Amazon so much. I could browse there for hours and browsing can and often does lead to purchases and then reviews. I'm sure you can relate to the "dangers" of browsing at Amazon LOL!

So, I've decided to share some of my recent Amazon reviews, here at My Real Life Reviews on a weekly basis, instead of writing new reviews at both places. I'll probably pick 5 varied Amazon reviews from each week and copy them here too, with my own rating system, instead of Amazon's star system. It will be my: Recent Review Round-up! :-)

Hope you enjoy this new feature. And if you do enjoy any of my reviews, a click through to Amazon and a "helpful" vote for a review (I'm Geraldine in BC) is always appreciated. I'm getting quite a few of those too which is always nice.

I will also still be doing some product and company reviews and posts, separate from these. An example is my recent report about Heinz Beans. When something like this happens, I think it's so important to share it and I will. 

For anyone who would like me to review their book, ebook or product, I have a separate page with information how to go about this. (see top of page).

 I do get quite a few review requests already, from individuals and from companies but they've got to be a "good fit" for me to consider. I'm guessing that will increase as my ranking goes up at Amazon too. Reviews take time to write, reading books takes time, testing products takes if it's not something that I initially find interesting and hopefully can review favorably, I usually give it a pass. 

And when I do write reviews, they are honest ones ALWAYS.

If someone isn't comfortable with an honest review then again, they might want to look elsewhere for a reviewer. I do try to be constructive when I do have criticism to share though and most people do understand that they won't just get positive reviews, all the time and from everyone. And often authors and companies have thanked me for my feedback and found it very helpful, even if it was negative.

To everyone who stops by here and at my Amazon profile page, reading my reviews and hopefully leaving their feedback or votes (when at Amazon) I want to thank you sincerely. It means a lot to me when someone tells me that a particular review was helpful to them. From the companies that I work with too. 

Happy review reading and do keep that feedback coming! :-)


  1. hey G. I am also on the top reviewers listed on Amazon...Imagine that lol good for you!

    1. You're already on the Top 10,000 reviewer list at Amazon, Lorraine? I'll have to check it out the next time I'm browsing the Top Reviewer listings. ;-) Happy Reviewing!

  2. Well done! You must be over the moon. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I love to write reviews so getting to the Top list at Amazon wasn't all that hard. ;-)

  3. This is a great idea. To have some of your reviews from Amazon posted each week, here too. Makes a lot of sense, not to duplicate your work.

    1. I realized that I was duplicating quite a bit of work with my reviews, posting them here, at Amazon and sometimes my other blogs too. I think this will help to minimize that. :-)

  4. Well at least that's what they say since I'm on the top of feeback reviewers could you please answer this question or review this...sometimes I haven't read Or I've given as present that remind got ask my son what he thought of the 5 new books I purchase for him, got to leave my feedback lol, I also used be one the best feedback person on but I don't shop so much anymore, I don't have that much money so mostly I do It for emergencies like this excellent bath mat with the greatest reviews for a non-slip bath rug..I can't afford to slip this was my second time and it hurt like the dickens any hoo....GOOD IDEA, YOU WORK TOO HARD you need time for your inspiration to work its way through without all that brain work in the way


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