Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Backyard Berries by Susan Burnetter

I love berries of all kinds, especially when they are grown organically. 

But as author Susan Burnetter says in her book: Backyard Berries, all too often organic berries in particular come with a high price tag at the grocery store or farmer's market. If at all possible, it's so much better to grow your own, for so many reasons.

I hope to be back to gardening very soon and now, thanks to the easy to understand information about growing berries in this guide, I'm planning to add some bushes to the mix. Raspberries and blackberries first!

The information in this guide was easy to understand, even for a novice gardener like me. I feel confident that I could grow berries successfully after reading this ebook.

Nicely formatted too (something lacking all too often in Kindle books).

I loved that the author also included some LUSCIOUS and I do mean luscious and healthier berry recipes at the end of this book, what a nice touch.

  Berry Cream Bars, Triple Berry Cobbler, Blackberry Bars...to name but three, yummm!!!!

I am also looking forward to checking out some of this author's other resource books on a variety of topics. I was really impressed by the list she included with links, at the end of this book.

Backyard Berries is definitely one to add to your gardening resource collection. This one is a keeper! ;-)

Overall rating for this ebook: Excellent. 5 out of 5


  1. Great review. I can't wait to get back to gardening too. This guide will certainly help.

    1. Hopefully I can put all my Kindle gardening guides to good use, this summer! Can't wait. This one is so good, the author did an impressive job.

  2. Well Ms Green Thumb, I can't take on the name, However I buy all my berries at my All Organic Store, usually frozen, 'cause I'm just one and I want to take my time, I've never met an organic berry I didn't adore lol

    1. I hear ya Lorraine. I love all kinds of berries too. We had organic blackberries for breakfast today actually. They were frozen but still very yummy. ;-)


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