Saturday, March 8, 2014

Free Kindle Book Promo This Weekend ;-)

I have another free Kindle promo at :, .ca, UK....all this weekend.

Check out the details here.

Hope you enjoy all my books and do share this promotion if you can!

Happy Reading and Weekend! 


  1. You are tempting me to get that


    1. You mean you don't have one yet? It is so worth it Jen, you will love it. :-)

  2. Jen allow me to butt in I'm a prolific reader, I love books, I never even imagine reading my favourites on a square small tablet...are you nuts? But I trust G. so I bought one, it's amazing what you can find for just a few dollars, but what I love the most Is buying my favourite thrillers a little less money then paperback not that much difference but you get it immediately instead of waiting weeks for it to be delivered....G. I hope you don't mind putting my 2 cents worth lol


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