Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Living with Gusto by Elizabeth Day

As is often the case, I "found" the book:

at just the right time; when I know I was meant to read it. 

Don't you love when that happens? I do! ;-)

I had actually accidentally deleted this ebook from my Kindle (unread) a few months ago. But when I noted the great cover at Amazon again recently, I decided to get another copy and to finally read it. I am so glad that I did.

I had over a week recently, with no computer or internet distractions and this was the perfect opportunity to read and savor every page of this wonderful book.

I was moved to tears at times. I laughed, I smiled...I nodded my head, while reading along. So much that I could relate to and learn from.

This book is for anyone who needs to find that: spark, muse,inspiration and will to try again, one more time. 

It contains so much practical advice how to turn the corner on despair and hopelessness. Beautifully written too.

I was inspired to write this poem, when I completed this book:

It's Enough

The path, when viewed.
Littered with all kinds of debris.
Past failures, wrong turns.
The might haves.
The could have beens.

But through the darkness and uncertainty.
The clouds of one more grey and dreary day.
Beyond the routines, remainders and reminders.
The light still shines.

Focus there.
Like a moth to a candle.
Dwell on it, in the now.
One step: bravely and soundly forward.
Resolute, not tentative.
Standing tall.

It’s enough.

That one foot forward will lead to the next.
Savor, the feeling of letting go.
And of believing, once again.

It’s enough.

To leave tomorrow, to tomorrow.
The future, still to come.
Seize this day!
Savor and squeeze ever bit of goodness,
From these minutes.
These hours.

It’s enough.

All we really get.
And all, we really need.
The light beckons and warms.
Shines brightly and breaks through.
We glimpse again, our “lost” horizon.

It’s enough.

To grasp only the “small” picture, for now.
The puzzle pieces revealing,
such unexpected beauty.
Finally, as they fall into place.

Some names, places, faces.
Left behind and to the past.
They have served their purpose.
Now, with other roads to travel.
None to be regretted.
To know and to accept.
They have come and gone, for a purpose.
Leaving us, wiser and stronger.
If nothing else.

It’s enough.


Thanks to author Elizabeth Day for sharing this intimate and unforgettable story. 

Overall rating for this ebook: Excellent. 5 out of 5. 

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