Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Rekindled Affair by Peter John

I liked the cover of this book: The Rekindled Affair by Peter John and it sounded like a fun and entertaining story, but what a disappointment.

Brash and boring and worst of all enforces a lot of the misguided beliefs that too many people have about what aging is all about. 

Both of the characters in this book were soooo annoying and far from believable too.

Don't waste your time this is one big stinker. 

Even though it was a very short book, I still couldn't be bothered finishing it. 
Deleted from my kindle already.

Overall rating for this ebook: BAD. 0 out of 5


  1. Sounds like a stinker. I wouldn't read it either.

    1. Stinky, big time! ;-) I don't have time to waste reading books like this when there are so many good ones to enjoy.

  2. Wow thanks for that, I actually considered getting it...glad I didn't I should know better than to buy before I read your review lol

    1. Glad to help Lorraine.

      I guess they don't like my review at Amazon (as above) some readers (perhaps friends of the author?) are leaving comments about my thoughts on this book, there. Made me laugh, just because someone doesn't like a book doesn't mean they don't understand it, right!!! ;-) I understood alright, I just didn't want to know more, after the first couple of chapters.


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