Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers (gluten-free)

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Crackers are the best gluten- free crackers that I've tasted, to date. 

Many of the other gluten-free cracker brands that I've tried, like Blue Diamond, as one example, have a very strange texture, bland flavor and are not appealing at all.

These Crunchmaster crackers actually taste good on their own, no topping required unless you want to add something to them. That to me is the "true test" of overall cracker-appeal. ;-)

 I  also think they are just salty enough and the rosemary has a nice, not overbearing flavor. They come in other flavors too, but the Rosemary and Olive Oil is my fav. Absolutely fab with some hummus on top, a delish and satisfying snack, anytime of the day. And they have a wonderful crunchy texture that adds to their overall appeal in a big way.

My only complaint, one package I got had about a third of the crackers broken into small pieces. I ended up using these in veggie patties so not wasted. I haven't had another pack with that many broken crackers since but I think the packaging could be better. I did contact the company about this a few weeks ago, but haven't received a reply.

I also hope that the company adds an organic option to this cracker brand. I'm all for organics, in everything and this would make these crackers an even better choice.

Here is the ingredient/nutritional info. from the back of the package:

If you've been looking for a good gluten-free cracker or even if you aren't concerned about gluten in foods, give these a try. I think you'll like them! :-)

Overall rating for this product: Very Good. 4 out of 5


  1. I love these crackers
    Get the big box at Costco about every 2 weeks

    1. I agree Brett, yummy good. If they come in a box, even better! :-)

  2. Excellent review. I like these crackers a lot too. They are good with toppings or without. Gluten free is just a bonus. I wish they were organic too. And the packaging does need to be worked on.

    1. Organic and better packaging would make these the perfect cracker!!!


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