Friday, September 19, 2014

Cat Haiku by Deborah Smith

As any of my regular blog readers already know, I LOVE cats. I have long "been owned" by many felines over the years; currently by the fab Mr. Cheddar (who btw is co-blogger here at My Real Life Reviews). And as the author of two haiku poetry collections, I also LOVE haiku poetry. 

When I saw: Cat Haiku by Deborah Smith over at Amazon recently, I was eager to give it a read. This eBook did not disappoint, it's just wonderful! :-)

Deborah Smith is the author of several books/eBooks and also by her own admission a "crazy cat lady" who knows first-hand the joys, thrills and spills (pun intended) of being owned by several cats (she currently lives with 8 felines!), yes EIGHT!!!

She is not only a talented writer; her artwork featured in this book is both original and captivating. 

Here are a couple of poems from the book that I particularly liked:

Cats make bad soldiers:
No discipline, no order
And they won't salute.


I see beyond worlds
Deep hearts,
waking fantasies
in my eyes
are dreams

I can SO relate to these lines. 
And again, the artwork that accompanies each poem adds so much to this collection.

 I only keep my absolutely fav books on my Kindle carousel (home page) but this eBook will definitely be staying there for the foreseeable future. I love to re-read a poem or two, when I'm reading on my Kindle. These poems always bring a smile to my day.

If you love all things feline (like I do) and perhaps haiku poetry too (even better): Cat Haiku by Deborah Smith is an eBook you will not want to miss. Highly recommended.

Overall rating for this eBook: Excellent. 5 out of 5. 


  1. "Cats make bad soldiers:
    No discipline, no order
    And they won't salute."

    HA! I LOVE it!

    Geraldine, being a huge cat lover myself, I enjoyed this review. Sounds and looks like an AWESOME book.

    Great book review, my friend!


    1. So glad you enjoyed my review Ron! Meow back at ya. ;-)

  2. Being owned by 8 as well, lover of micro-poetry and Haiku ... I am going to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You will definitely relate to this book Becca. I loved this book!

      You have 8 felines in your life? What a lucky woman you are.

  3. Great review, I am looking forward to reading this book.


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