Thursday, November 6, 2014

Are You a Fan of Trip Advisor?

If you are, you might want to stop by and check out this post re: a restaurant review I wrote there that was recently removed.  

I hope you'll join the discussion too! I was a real fan of Trip Advisor before this incident, but not anymore.

Seems like having reviews censored happens a lot more than I realized, based on the comments so far. 

Thanks in advance for your input too. :-)


  1. Read it, they can't keep reviews that are not positive on the establishment, Feedback is a tool for people to decide whether it's for them or not. They can't ask for feedback and throw away the bad ones, there must be a consumer advocate for this sort of thing......I would hope so

  2. they shouldn't be censoring reviews. what are they good for that being the case.


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