Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Never Too Late to Go Vegan

A very interesting and informative vegan guide; focusing on becoming a vegan, over 40. 

Overall rating for this book: Excellent. 5 out of 5


  1. yes i'm getting there, sometimes though when the money's short i have to buy the cheapest certainly not healthy, I missed you, you were right, I'm back what happened to your other two blogs that I've enjoyed so much?

  2. PS I'm sure you have one already but if ever you need proofreading of anything, always the first stepI'd be happy to accommodate, unfortunately i didn't get my kindle back yesterday, oh well...eventually

  3. My other blogs are still up and running,same addresses as before Lorraine. :-)

  4. Happy Easter G., no bunnies for me, tooth infection oh fault, but have a good, fun one, Lord knows what you'll make that I could probably eat righ tnow lol

  5. Hope you had a nice Easter in spite of the tooth troubles, ouch!!! Hope you're feeling better soon.

    I'm a very adaptable cook L! ;-)

  6. no doubt plus i can't take antiibiotics anymore I when to buy all my organic vegetables and raw know to help it along, but the antibiotics were so strong, that i couldn't eat a single thing because the heart burn fell like a heart attack, so I gave all my brand new organic veg to my son, only kept celeries because apparently I can eat that without heartburn my least favourite veg... and I feel the infection is still there, and i'm not going back \i'll find a maybe longer treatment, but there is a good person for that at the organic store plus a bought a book about never ever pulling teeth again and how do deal with present infection and never lose a tooth again, so I'm doing my best...I have some coconut oil except apparently you gargle with it and it helps but it's all firm I am suppose to leave it out so it melts or cut through the thick part to get to the liquid/ sorry ....I'm just going on trying to find answers


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