Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ringo Starr: Icon (CD)


I got this CD for Joe as a Christmas present, as he's always been a big fan of Ringo. 

I ended up liking the CD just as much as he does. ;-)

I've always been a huge Beatle fan, right from the time in the mid-60's when they first came over from England to the US and captured the hearts of fans everywhere, including me, as a (very) ;-) young child. 

My brothers (all older than me) REALLY got into the groove: wearing Beatle boots (remember those?), sporting the long, shaggy Beatle haircut and lapel-less sport jackets. 

The Twist and Shout (MONO LP and bought for $5 and change at the time!!) played almost endlessly, when we all got home from school. As we danced and sang our way around the house, 'til suppertime. Such happy, groovy memories! 

In those early days, Ringo always seemed like the "joker" of the group, "Mr. Cut-Up", in spite of being a very talented drummer. But he certainly proved in the years to follow that he is also a talented singer, producer and all-around musician. This ICON CD is proof of that, in a big way. 

I love the variety of songs on this CD. Every one is different and unique. 

My particular favs are: Only You, You're Sixteen and Walk With You, but I enjoy them all. 

And just like those Beatle tunes all those years ago, this CD gets me up and grooving around the living room too! ;-)

The sound quality is excellent on this CD. 

And what a great price: currently only $5. at Amazon.ca and $7. at Amazon.com. That is kind of weird, as online Canadian prices are almost always higher than US. But I'm not complaining. 

If you are a fan of the Beatles and in particular Ringo, this is a CD you will definitely want to add to your collection. 


Overall rating for this product: Excellent. 5 out of 5.  


  1. Hubby is checking on this CD...he's the fan when it comes to The Beatles, he liked what you had to say about it :)

  2. AWESOME review, Geraldine! And it's funny because Ringo was my favorite of all the Beatles. In fact, when I was trying to choose my Catholic confirmation name, I wanted to select RINGO - HA! But alas, my mother and father refused to allow me to choose that name so I decided on PAUL, after Paul McCartney!

    So my full name is Ronald Robert Paul Carnavil.

    Thanks so much for sharing this review. I will definitely look for it at F.Y.E. the next time I'm there.

    Have a super week!

    1. Thanks for your kind and encouraging words Ron.

      That is such a cool story, re: your confirmation name. I picked Patricia as I was a big fan of Patty Duke, when I was about to be confirmed, remember that show? I think Ringo would have been a good name to choose but I guess your folks had the final say. His "real" name is Richard Starkey.

      I don't think you'll beat the price at Amazon Ron, if you want this CD. Just click through on the link above.

      And thanks re: the spring colors, I'm really into spring mode right now!!!

      Happy rest of the week, G

    2. " I picked Patricia as I was a big fan of Patty Duke, when I was about to be confirmed, remember that show?"

      Yes...I most certainly DO remember the Patty Duke Show. In fact, I was a HUGE fan of both her and the show. I've read many books on Patty and have watched her in countless interviews. What a fascinating and talented lady she is!

      Have a FAB rest of your week!

    3. Yes, Patty Duke is an interesting person and talented actress. I was crazy about her tv series as a kid, she was my idol lol.

      And a fab weekend to you too Ron, enjoy that PA snow while it lasts.

  3. P.S. Love the color changes on your blog!

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  5. Excellent review. And who doesn't love Ringo and the Beatles too.

    This is a great CD and what a bargain for $5.

    These songs do bring back lots of good memories for me too.

    1. I'm glad you are enjoying the CD, isn't it great? :-)

  6. thanks for sharing about this album. I am looking forward to hearing it! i love dancing around the living room.

    1. Me too Tammie! This CD really gets you moving! ;-)


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