Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Joe Fresh (online clothing site)

Joe Fresh is my new fav online clothing store! :-)

I don't actually buy a lot of clothing online, usually make my own (I love to sew and knit) or buy something locally. But in the past few months, I got to know about Joe Fresh online and now I am hooked! 

The bargains I've already got there are IMO, nothing short of amazing! 

Here's a sample of my latest finds, from their clearance section:

Active Sherpa Jacket (on sale for $12 and change!)

Just a beautiful jacket, in every way. A bit fitted, not baggy like so many of these types of jackets are. Wonderful, soft, luxurious Sherpa cloth, welt pockets, decorative zipper...

I also bought one in Black, I was so happy with this one!

Keep your routine on track this winter with a fleece-lined Sherpa jacket made for winter workouts.

Zip up Sherpa jacket

Stand collar

2 front welt pockets

Fully lined

Shell: Sherpa; Lining: Fleece, 100% polyester

Machine wash

STYLE #WF5A460020

Puffer Jacket in Coral 

(I bought this jacket for less than $20.CDN. It was recently further reduced to less than $10 CDN!)

This photo does not do this jacket justice. The color is actually a true coral (pink/soft orange) shade, which I always love. A hard to find color usually.

Nice fit, again not baggy. SUPER warm! Decorative zipper, fully lined. 

I get compliments on this jacket, every time I wear it. I usually pair it with a black turtleneck, jeans and  black boots.

 It also came in some other lovely shades, including an amazing cardinal red. I was SO tempted to get that one too, but fought off the urge to splurge! ;-)

Layer on a little extra warmth with a puffer at a fresh price.

Bomber puffer jacket

Stand collar

Full front zipper placket

2 front welt pockets

Fully lined

Shell: Pongee; Lining: Plain Weave, 100% polyester

Machine wash

STYLE #WF5O100035

Sequin Sweater
Sequin Shaker Knit Sweater (this was a real bargain at just over $6!)

Again, the photo does not do this sweater justice, it is SO pretty and well made. 

I love shaker knits and this one is flecked with small sequins throughout. I thought it would be perfect for the holidays next year, to wear for a more casual but still dressy look.  I also got one in a snowy white and it's lovely too.

Nice and long too! And at 5'9", I love long sweaters! :-)

This season, we’ve introduced our warm shaker knit sweater to sequins for a subtle, sparkly effect.
Sequin sweater
Crew neck
Raglan sleeves
Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem
Due to the delicate nature of this fabric, extra care may be required when handling and washing
Shaker Knit, 57% acrylic/43% polyester
Hand wash
STYLE #WF5R335245
I got this sweater for Joe and he just loves it! 

(And for less than $10, I love it too!) :-)

Get comfortable, get cozy in a retro-inspired Nordic knit.

Fair isle pattern sweater

Crew neck

Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem

Jacquard, 80% lamb’s wool/20% nylon

Hand wash

STYLE #MF5R255036


What has really impressed me about Joe Fresh clothing is the quality of the materials they use, the beautiful colors of their clothing and the better than average workmanship.

 The attention to detail is amazing, especially considering the price they are selling their products for. Even their regular prices are low, considering what you are getting. Welt pockets, lots of items with natural fibers, full linings, decorative details like colored, large zippers, just right sizing with a nice tailored but not tight shaping, even in their casual items. 

Their customer service team is just terrific too! I had a small issue with a couple of items that I ordered online and they took care of it right away and to my satisfaction. 

Free delivery to your door, with a minimum order of $50. And easy, no hassle returns. 

Joe Fresh is available online for US and Canadian customers. 

They also have 4 retail stores in the New York area, that carry a wider range of products including: adult and children's wear, shoes, handbags, jewelry, beauty products and bath items. The Joe Fresh line is also sold at hundreds of Real Canadian Superstore locations, across Canada.

One sad thing I did note, at the Joe Fresh Wiki page. In 2013, they had a tragic accident at one of their garment factories in Bangladesh, a location that employed workers from numerous clothing companies. The Joe Fresh employees who were affected by this tragedy have been compensated and they now have an employee overseeing their overseas operations/working conditions. 

Overall rating for this company. Very Good. 4 out of 5


  1. Never heard of it, but I am sure I will. Good buys!

    I make most of my own clothes, so don't often shop for more than coats.

    1. I make a lot of my clothes too Sandy and since I have a lot of clothes that never seem to wear out (and that I still like) too. But when it comes to jackets and coats, I don't tackle those these days. Just too much time involved. I LOVE the jackets I got from Joe Fresh, they exceeded my expectations in a big way.

      Have a great week, G

  2. Excellent review, as always.

    The quality of their products is amazing especially considering the prices.

    The items I got from Joe Fresh I am really pleased with,including a winter jacket, the sweater shown above and several accessories too. Definitely worth checking out.

    1. And I love all the things I got from Joe Fresh too. They continue to delight me with their quality products. The swimsuit I got yesterday with my 50. Bonus credit is perfect too. 😂

  3. I don't usually order clothes online as well, Geraldine. I think I may have ordered just a few things in the past, but very seldom.

    I like the name of this store because it reminds me of one of my favorite food stores to shop, Trader Joe's!

    And it's nice to heard that they have good customer service because that it so rare these days.

    Once again, great review. And thanks so much for sharing your feedback!

    Have a terrific rest of your week!

    1. I have yet to meet a Joe that I didn't like Ron.😂 Joe Fresh is another one added to my list.

      Thanks for your kind words Ron.

      And wishing you a great week too.

  4. I have considered on-line purchasing but usually buy at the local shops. I guess I would rather try on before buying. I guess the possibility of having to return goods puts me off. But you have found a winner with this one. I love the jacket, by the way.

    1. I certainly have Val. As I've said above, I'm hooked on Joe Fresh q.😂

  5. I very rarely buy clothes online as I'm never convinced they'll fit properly. (even though I know most companies have good returns policies).

    1. I didn't buy clothing online until the past couple of years. I won't buy from any company that doesn't offer hassle free returns. Joe Fresh is great in this regard. And the fit/cut of their clothing really appeals to me, so for the most part, everything I've ordered from them fit great. I only had one return so far and I've ordered quite a few items already. I really need to stay away from their site for awhile. It is so tempting! ;-)

  6. thanks Geraldine - the review sounds great and I'm going to check them out - I rarely have bought clothing on line but might try it. Good review.

    1. and glad to read also about the employees being compensated and looked after.

    2. Let me know if you give Joe Fresh a try Sandy.

      And yes, I'm glad they did something for their employees, after that tragedy. When companies have overseas operations as so many of them do now, they really do need to keep an eye on things, with their own reps.

  7. Wow, I must check out Joe Fresh clothing. I have never bought clothing online before, so this sounds the ideal place to begin.
    And yes, it really is good to know the employees are compensated and taken care of - often a rare thing these days.

    A brilliant review!
    Many thanks.:)

    Big Hugs :))

    1. Let me know if you do give JF a try Ygraine. I'm sure glad I did.

      Thanks for your kind words too, that means a lot.

      Hugs to you, G

  8. In response to your question, Geraldine, the jacket I particularly liked was the first one. white and cosy-looking.

    1. Thanks Val, I wondered which one you meant, in your earlier comment. The white one is so soft and luxurious and has a wonderful cut to the design too. LOVE it! But the coral one comes in a close second. ;-)


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