Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love OWLS? Check Out 4 Of My Fav Owl Products! :-)


There's something so special, almost mystical about these magnificent birds.

And to have them linked to the concept of wisdom appeals to me so much too. 

Wisdom is something I continue to strive for, more and more with each passing year. Street smarts, intellect,'s all good. But having wisdom, being wise in our decisions is what truly endures.

Here are 4 of my fav new OWL items that I hope you'll enjoy, with links to the pages where you can purchase them too.

What a magnificent owl that is featured on this card. :-)

I bought these cards at the Spirithelpers Etsy shop

Excellent photography and such good quality paper too. Lovely envelopes are included, with a softly "ragged" edge, making the overall presentation extra special. 

This photo is also available in numerous sizes, suitable for framing, all very reasonably priced too. 

I'm so glad I purchased some of these cards to use during the holidays, I will definitely be back to purchase more in the future from Spirithelpers

Stop by to check out all of Tammie's work, featuring unique and beautiful photos of all types, many taken around the Montana area where she lives including: water, snow, rocks, mountains, trees and much, much more!  


I bought this paper gift bag recently, for a bag of goodies I was assembling for a gift. 

It is so cute! Nice paper quality, bag measures:  0.6 x 21 x 24.8 cm

Also includes a good-sized owl gift tag, attached. 

I always prefer using gift bags to wrapping paper. So much better to use, again and again. And I just love the OWL pattern on this gift bag too. Colorful and cute. 

This wallet was a Christmas gift from Joe. It is SO cute and well-made too. I get compliments almost every time I pull it out to pay for something! :-)

It has several inside compartments (click the Amazon link above to see more product views) and with several, secure slots for credit cards too. 

Dimensions are: 7.5" x 3.5"

Mine is the soft yellow shown above but it also comes in several other colors too. 

A wallet I plan to use and enjoy for years to come. At around $5. on sale at Amazon, right now, this is a bargain for a good-quality wallet.

This cosmetic bag/wallet is also available at Amazon. 

It is well-made, in a sturdy canvas-type fabric.  Metal clasp closes securely at the top of bag. I bought it to stash a lipstick, pen, nail my purse but it is large enough to use as a small clutch purse too.  

The dimensions are approximately : 7.5" x 4".

At less than $3. at Amazon,another owlie bargain! ;-)

Overall rating for all of these owl products: Excellent. 5 out of 5


  1. I enjoyed all these mini reviews.

    I love owls too, haven't seen a real one in a long time. They are magnificent birds

    Glad you like the wallet.

    1. They are magnificent, I agree. And in so many ways. I love my wallet! :-)

  2. I too love owls. One time, a barn owl flew across the front of my car (we were driving up a mountain) and it startled me into stopping the car. What a good job, around the bend two cars had collided. I am sure the bird was giving a warning.

    Gift bags are much nice than gift wrap. I have so many saved I needed to dispose of some. Sad!

    1. Oh, good thing you had that owl warning Val, an angel must have been keeping watch that day. :-)

      Yes, gift bags are definitely the way to go. I have quite a collection too that I reuse as much as I can.

  3. I love owls, too. I have only seen two in real life, but keep watching.

    1. I've seen a few over the years but never tire of these special sightings. Glad you are blogging again Sandy!

  4. What a lovely selection of owl products!

    I love owls, this winter a lot of short eared owls have turned up at Musselburgh, where I regularly go birdwatching and I've been delighted to watch them on several occasions

    1. thanks Juliet. I actually had some beautiful owl earrings from Etsy that I wanted to share too, but sadly that shop is now closed. :-(

      How cool that you've seen so many owls. :-)

  5. thanks for the links and review of the owls, Geraldine. I have a friend who has been very generous with her gifts to me who loves owls. I have sent her an owl necklace before but these inspire me to surprise her again some day. Happy love day to you and Mr. Cheddar.

    1. I hope my reviews were helpful Sandy, let me know if you get any of these for gifts or for yourself. :-)

      Mr. Cheddar and I send best wishes, headbonks and hugs back to you, this Valentine's Day! :-) >^^<

  6. "There's something so special, almost mystical about these magnificent birds."

    I totally agree with you, Geraldine!!!! There is something special about owls, and I think it's what you said...they're mystical. I love owls! And I also love crows. They too have a mystical quality about them.

    And what an AWESOME review! I love all the owl merchandise you showcased here. When I have more time today, I will check out the link more thoroughly. Thanks so much for sharing this post, my friend!

    Happy Monday and have a super week!

    1. I am not much of a fan of crows Ron, but I do know a lot of people who really like them too. They are smart birds though, I even heard a story from Joe about a crow who was trained to TALK! Amazing but true.

      Yes, some lovely owl items here, I agree. I do hope you'll check them out soon.

      And a super week back to you too! G

  7. What a fabulous review! I really love owls, and I agree, there is something mystical about them.
    I will check out the link later. These would make really stunning gifts...

    Many thanks, Geraldine! :))

    1. You're so nice Ygraine, thanks for your kind words re: my review.

      Lovely gifts and all reasonably priced too, especially for owl-lovers! And I know there's lots of us out there. ;-)

      Have a great week, more hugs, hope things continue to improve, G

  8. I agree with you, Geraldine...I, too love owls! I even make them from empty toilet roll tubes..."TP" Owls, I call them. I am going to post one of the later today on my blog and the poem I wrote to go with it...if you would like to see it :)
    My new great granddaughter has an owl theme in her nursery, too!


  9. Oh Jan, so nice to see you here again. I've stopped by your blog a couple of times but wasn't able to comment recently. :-( I will definitely stop by again soon.

    How cool is that re: your new great-granddaughter's nursery theme, kind of different and what fun!

    Hugs and Happy Week, G

  10. hello Geraldine,
    I love owls too, so many of us do.
    Thank you for sharing projects that you enjoy.
    As well as for sharing my owl photograph!

    1. It was my pleasure to feature your cards and photography Tammie!

      Owls are loved by so many of us, I agree. :-)

      I hope you have a great week, G

  11. Hi Geraldine! I'm so glad you stopped by to visit with me. Oh yes, you and I have a lot in common...the love of owls!! Thanks for the compliment. I could really go for that cosmetic bag.

    Oh, and if you like owls as much as I do, I have some photographs on my bird photo blog this week of a Barred Owl I spotted while out birding.

    If you'd like to see the pictures, come over here...

    Hope to see you again soon.

    1. Welcome Hootin Anni, Love your blog name btw!

      I will definitely stop by your other bird blog soon.

      The cosmetic bag is really cute and less than 5. how can you lose?

      Have a great week, G

  12. Replies
    1. Nice to see you again Cloudia and I agree, they are a WHOOOT!!!

  13. wow they are so pretty and how awesome are the different specimens wow, G

    1. Glad you enjoyed this review Lorraine. :-)


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