Saturday, April 23, 2016

Some of My "Fun In the Sun" Favorites! :-)

Here in BC, we've already had some very warm days, especially for mid-April.

 It got me thinking about some of my fav summer products/books that I thought I'd share a few of, here today. Hope you enjoy my list and find it helpful too.

And if you have a particular summer book or product that you use year after year, when the sun returns, do share! :-) 

Happy "Fun In the Sun" and here's my list (with reviews/links):

Although I don't usually have the time or interest in polishing my fingernails, I DO like to "spruce up" my tootsies, when sandal-season arrives. 

Suncoat Peelable Nail Polish is an excellent alternative to mainstream, highly toxic nail polish. It stays on VERY well and when you're ready to remove it, a soak in warm water for about 10 minutes and voila, easy to peel off. No remover required. Love this stuff!

Remember these sandals from many years ago? 

I was delighted to find them still available when I wanted to order a pair a while back. And they are still as comfortable as I remember them, as a teenager. 

The only thing I didn't like about the new pair I got was the way the buckle opened and closed. The company actually supplies written and detailed instructions for this (upon request) as they are so tricky to open and adjust now. But after that hurdle was passed, I am really enjoying wearing these sandals again. They do feel like they give your legs/feet a bit of an extra workout as you walk! How cool is that?

Still on the topic of feet/toes, this foot creme from Burt's Bees is one of the best I've ever used. You can actually see significant results, with continued use. 

And when summer rolls around, my feet need all the TLC I can give them. My heels tend to get so cracked and dry but with this BB creme, they are looking a lot better, in a short amount of time. Click to read my full review. 

After the tootsies are well taken care of ;-) it's time to chill with a good summer read!

Two books that I usually read every summer are:

Beachcombing at Miramar by Richard Bode


Summer's Lease by John Mortimer

Click to read my mini reviews. I just love both of these books! 

Summer beach classics I never tire of! 

I've tried a few ice cream makers over the years and this is my fav to date. Easy to use and clean, Not too big or small. Reasonably priced. And best of all, consistently good results. 

If you've never made or enjoyed homemade ice cream, you are in for a real treat. Store bought ice cream pales by comparison, in a big way after one taste!

Even if you aren't a vegetarian or vegan, this is one amazing ice cream book! 

First of all, the presentation is absolutely dazzling! All those gorgeous photos are enough to start any ice cream lover drooling. And that definitely would include die hard dairy fans too. And with choices like this, who needs dairy anyways?

Looking extra yummy, for my particular tastes: Cheesecake, Easy as Pumpkin Pie, Sesame Halvah, Gravel Path (what a fun name!!!), Chai Latte and many others.

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow. Anyone can do this, whether you are an avid cook or a beginner. 

The sugar content in most of the recipes is quite acceptable too, something that's often "over the top" IMO, in dessert cookbooks of any kind. And of course, if someone wants a bit less or more in this regard, that's an easy tweak.

This will be a keeper in my cookbook collection for years to come. Would also make a lovely hostess,shower or graduation gift, to go along with an ice cream maker.

Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings (12x2.75oz )

Surf Sweets Watermelon Rings

These really do taste like watermelon. 

They are a bit sweet for my taste, so one at a time,  is plenty for me. 

I do like the chewy texture and the organic ingredient list.

I'm guessing kids would love these too. Fun to have at the lake shore or seaside. :-) The little life preserver shape is so cute!

I bought this 2.75 oz bag for less than $4. at a local food co-op. 

Great for snacking on at the beach or by the pool. Just add a cool beverage and you're good to go. 

Love these chips with the tangy lime kick. Addictive but in a good way!



Smiling Sun clipart courtesy of: Clipart Panda


  1. Another post by you filled with info and good stuff! That ice cream books looks so good - the other books you mentioned - Beachcoming one sounds great! i remember having sandals like that years ago - may have to look into this again. thanks Geraldine - love your reviews!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Sandy, most appreciated. I think we all have our fav (and often nostalgic) summer must have products. These are just a few of the ones I love. Hope you'll check out the books and yes, the sandals are still available at many sites, including Amazon, last time I looked! :-)

    Have a super summer! :-) Hugs, G

  3. Wonderful and summery post!
    Those books do sound interesting and reading one would go great with homemade ice cream and watermelon rings :}
    As usual, Geraldine, a very interesting and colorful posting...

    Have a beautiful weekend~


    1. Thank you so much Jan, your words made me smile. :-)

      I hope you check out the books and that you have a wonderful weekend too. The sun is just starting to peek out here, it's been cloudy this A. M.

      Hugs, G

  4. Howdy Geraldine! So glad you stopped on to see me at my little front porch! Hope you enjoyed your visit and come back often! You asked about summer reads....have you tried Dorothea Benton Frank and Mary Alice Monroe? Both are excellent lowcountry fiction writers and both have new books due out very soon. Fannie Flagg has a new one too i believe. I also love Mary Kay Andrews. Karen White is great too. I do love books set in the places i love such as Savannah and Charleston. I recently started reading all of Diane Chamberlains novels and love them too! Well... Now im off to look at your blog! Have a great weekend

    1. And thanks for stopping by here Beach Gypsy, love your blog name. I hope you enjoy reading some of my reviews too. ��

  5. After reading all about these great products I feel like I'm ready for summer. Ill pass on the nail polish though. Great review as usual.

    1. Teehee... re the nail polish. Maybe you could start a new guy trend. Men's feet tend to be rather ho hum, don't ya think?? ;-)

  6. It is important to moisturise feet in the winter too, then come summer they look great. I've never painted toenails.... bending down that far would be an effort now so I daren't try.

    1. Very good point Val! I must admit, except for Epsom salt soaks in the winter, I kind of neglect my feet during that season. And then, by the summer they really need some TLC. I will try to be more diligent year round. :-)

  7. Great stuff today, I am sitting in the nail salon, waiting to get my nails done. I must ask my girl about that polish!!! Love all of butts bees products!!!

    1. The Suncoat nail polish is available at iHerbs, Amazon...and other sites online. I found it just as good as most mainstream brands I use to use and a lot less toxic. LOVE that a remover is not required too. These polishes are definitely not just for kids.

      And yes, I like Burts Bees a lot too.

      I think it was fun that you were at the salon, while reading this post!!! ;-)

  8. Lots of good info here! I will look for the tootsie polish. I only do my toes, too. Bert's Bees started up north, in the Maine woods. I love all of the products that I have tried.

    1. I'm sure you could probably buy locally where you are Sandy, at a health food store or at the sites I mention in my comment above this one. And yes, BB is from your area, as is Badger I think. Two brands that I really like. I hope your tootsies are ready for the beach, with some Suncoat polish! Three coats and the clear finish to complete are what I found works best. A bit of time required but then it REALLY lasts! The kits are the best deal as you get the clear coat and two colors in them. If you click my review link above, you'll see more about ordering options too.

  9. thank you for all your summer suggestions.
    we went from summer weather to pouring rain the last couple of days. perfect timing as the earth was feeling dry. do you have a day cream with sun protection that you like?

  10. Ill try this again, my reply went "poof" :-(

    I like Weleda Evening Primrose day cream, it's light but effective, with a good ingredient list. I tend to focus on moisturizing more at night but I should use one during the day too, thanks for the reminder too Tammie!

    We are having a lovely cool breezy day here in BC, after a very hot start to spring. I agree, the earth needs plenty of water, especially with summer and intense heat on the way.

  11. Thank you so much for all these fabulous reviews, Geraldine...the ice cream maker really appeals to me. I have often thought of buying one, but never have got around to actually choosing one!
    Once the warm weather reaches our shores, I will definitely be buying one of these now (at present, our temperatures are still barely above freezing!).

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

    1. You'll be glad you did Ygraine, that particular model is the best I've tried and I've had a few of these appliances over the years. Some of them are not so good.

      thank you for your kind words too! and hugs back to you. G

  12. The Burts Bees foot creme looks good as does the ice cream recipe book....

  13. It's hard for me to try new products because of my allergies to both formaldehyde and lanolin. I have some tried and true that I tend to use daily. But ice cream - that I can have! Doesn't homemade ice cream make you dream of summer?

    1. Barb,I use and review products that are for the most part organic and or naturally based. I steer clear of chemically laden products as what we put on our skin IS absorbed into our bloodstream.

      Ice cream is definitely a dreamy part of summer that I love, especially homemade. :-)


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