Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mr. Cheddar's Back With An Upcoming eBook Promo!

Mr Cheddar here!!! 

Yes, I'm finally back for a bit(e) of blogging. Snoooorrrt!!!!

As long as I can keep the keyboard out of Meowmie's (oh soooo...) big paws, that is!!!

Just wanted to give you all the PAWS-UP about my upcoming eBook promo.

Amazing but true, my first and furrrrrbulous new eBook:

will be available as a free download, this Saturday and Sunday, May 7-8 at all Amazon sites:, .ca, UK, IT.... 

Download a copy to your eReader, Kindle, iPhone, PC desktop...

Here's a small sampler of just a few of the wise and witty kibbles of wisdom, included in my new book:

Willie Shakespeare had nothin’ on me!

Keep the tummy side up.
Especially when it’s time for another grooming session.
I’m a furry-lious, clean-machine, with the fastest tongue in the West!

It is SO much better to age like a fine chunk of Cheddar,
than a dusty old bottle of grappa.
That’s a no-brainer, big-time!

If I've whet your appetite for more than just a plain ol' bowl of kibbles (perhaps cereal for the humans??) make sure to download a copy this weekend. 

Lots and lots of my witty and wise kibbles of feline and human advice to contemplate and learn from. Not to mention my ruggedly handsome good looks on every page!!!

I ask you...what's not to love???

And do share this promo with your feline and human pals. The ones you really like that is!!! 

Happy Reading and Have a PURRRFECT Weekend.

Headbonks from Me>^^< and Hugs from Meowmie!  :-)


  1. Well done, Mr Cheddar. I must encourage my Charlie to pursue the art of novel writing.

    1. Can we expect a blog post featuring Charlie sometime soon Val? Mr. Cheddar and I would like that.:-)

  2. i'm aging like fine wine!!! pretty paws!!!

    1. Mr. Cheddar still prefers a big chunk o cheese. And yes, the big guy does have lovely paws, I agree.

  3. WOW! Mr. Cheddar is so talented and good-looking, too!!!

    Happy Mother's Day, dear Geraldine~


    1. He is I agree Jan and on both counts.

      It's Meowmies Day here as I only have had fur babies. ;-) I'm thinking of my mom and grandson too though, miss them so much. I hope you have a lovely Mothers Day.

    2. Google transposed my words above that should say Grand Mom,not son!!!

  4. Mr Cheddar you are so witty and wise. A wonderful book to read again and again, I love it.

    1. He IS so witty and wise, I agree Joe! :-)

  5. Does he use the computer or write the words out by paw??

    1. Usually the PC Sandy, although he does some of his drafts while cat-napping I believe. ;-) A lot of twitching going on during some of those naps LOL!!!


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